You’ll need:
    • Picnic basket Fabric

    • Elastic, 2.5cm wide

    • Curtain interlining

    • Curtain buckram

    • White cardboard

    • Ribbon

    • Emulsion paint and paintbrush

    • Frog Tape

    • Bradawl

    • Hole punch

    • Adhesives: 3M Spray Mount and glue gun

    • Rouleaux turning hook

    • Sewing machine and matching thread Ruler, craft knife and scissors

    1. If you wish, give the surface of the basket a thin coating of paint. We used an off-white colour all over, but you could easily paint a geometric pattern or stripes by first masking with Frog Tape. Paint the bradawl in the same colours – this is used to secure the lid in place.

    2. Next, cut a rectangle of cardboard to fit the inside of the lid, making sure that when the lid is closed it sits flush with the sides. Stick a rectangle of curtain interlining of the same measurement to the cardboard.

    3. Trim fabric 3cm larger on all sides than the card rectangle. Spray the fabric on the wrong side with adhesive, then place the card in the centre, interlining-side down. Fold in the raw outer edges of the fabric to the wrong side of the card.

    4. Cut four pieces of card to fit into the four upright sides of the basket, then another rectangle to fit into the base. Cover the four sides in pink fabric, as before, and the base in floral fabric.

    5. The plate retainers were made by placing a length of elastic over the plate, slightly stretching it and then adding an extra 3cm (1.5cm on each end). Cut three more pieces to the same legnth. Next, cut the floral fabric to cover the elastic; cut four strips 7cm wide and double the length of the elastic. Fold them in half lengthways and stitch the two raw edges together with a 1cm seam allowance.

    6. Turn the tubes to the right side using a rouleaux turner, then place the hook back into the tube, hook on a length of elastic and pull it through. Match the end of the elastic and the tube together and secure with a pin. Match the other ends, pin and stitch across each end. Stretch the elastic and the rushing will distribute evenly along the strip.

    7. Place the prepared strips in an ‘X’ on the lid rectangle, positioning them equally to accommodate the plates. Mark the ends with a pencil, then make cuts with a craft knife, push the ends through the slits and stick in place on the wrong side with a hot glue gun. Elastic retainers can be made in the same way to accommodate wine glasses and salt and pepper pots, this time being placed and secured to the back upright panel.

    8. When all the pieces have been assembled, they can be stuck in place again using a hot glue gun. Before completely sticking the sides of the lid panel and the side upright panels, two lengths of ribbon will need to be fixe on; these will stop the lid from opening fully. Make sure that each panel is fully secured, then stick in the base rectangle.

    1. Make wine glass tags for your guests to write their names on to keep drinks from getting confused or misplaced.

    2. Get your five-a-day with pickled veggies rather than salad, which will go limp and soggy when left too long.

    3. Find a picturesque spot to picnic in; have some great handpicked secret locations to check out.

    4. Be prepared! Pack your sunglasses, sun cream, hand wipes, bug spray and bags to take all your rubbish home.