• DIY myrtle hedgerow
You’ll need
    • 5 bunches of myrtus communis (myrtle)
    • 5 cerise bouvardia
    • 1 box of redcurrants
    • Square slate tile
    • Tray to sit on slate
    • Block of floral
    • foam
    • Glue
    • Gold stars
    • Pot tape
    • Fine wire
    1. Soak the floral foam and cut to fit the tray, then secure it firmly into the tray with pot tape. Cut the myrtle into small pieces with short, chunky green tops, then remove the leaves from the bottom so they will insert cleanly into the foam.

    2. Start to position the myrtle at one end of the foam and work your way along the length. Insert the bouvardia down the centre to add volume and colour, then drape the redcurrants around it to create movement, pinning with fine wire for added security if required. To finish, glue gold stars on top.