DIY Christmas stocking

If there’s one thing synonymous to the festivities in December it’s a Christmas stocking. For centuries, children around the globe have been hanging ornately decorated, sock-shaped bags on the mantelpiece so that Father Christmas can fill them with sweets, toys and treasures. Here, our friends at Simplicity take us through the easy steps to create a beautiful design that you can copy.

  • DIY Christmas stocking
You’ll need
    • Simplicity sewing pattern (2545)
    • Felt: tan, 70cm; red
    • 30cm White fleece
    • 40cm Lining
    • 70cm Interfacing, medium weight
    • 1.3m Fabric remnant
    • Decorative trim, 6mm wide
    • Scalloped trim, 7cm wide,70cm
    • 3mm cord, 30cm
    • Haberdashery essentials
    • Glue
    1. Follow the pattern template and cut the felt fabric to size. Apply fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the stocking. On the outside, pin the red felt toe and heel to each stocking section. Stitch close to the unnotched inner edges. Tack raw edges together along seam line.

    2. With right-sides together, pin both stocking sections and stitch, leaving upper edge open. Trim seam and clip curves. Sew stocking lining sections together. With wrong-sides facing, slip the stocking into the lining. Tack upper raw edges together along the seam line.

    3. Fold the piece of cord for the hanging loop in half and tack raw ends to back seam of upper edge of the lining. Stitch the centre back seam of the cuff section and press the seam open. Repeat for cuff facing. With right sides together, stitch cuff to cuff facing along lower edge, leaving notched edges open. Trim seam.

    4. Turn the cuff right-side out, press and tack the raw edges together along the seam line. On the outside, pin the straight edge of the scalloped lace along the lower finished edge of the cuff. Stitch close to the straight edge of trim.

    5. Pin the right-side of the cuff to the lining side of the stocking (over the loop), matching the centre back seam. Stitch, then stitch again, 6mm from first stitching in the seam allowance. Trim the seam close to the second stitching. Turn stocking right-side out and press, pressing cuff up.

    6. Roll cuff to outside (stuffing lining into the stocking) and press. Tie the remnant fabric into a