• DIY Christmas Hamper
You’ll need
    • Hamper
    • White spray paint
    • Emulsion tester pots in yellow, dark green, red and grey
    • Linen in fawn, 2m
    • Ribbons, fabric and paper scraps
    • Brass split pins
    • Felt-tip pen
    • Masking tape
    • Paintbrush
    • Sandpaper
    1. Remove the lid and any fastenings. Spray your hamper with white or pastel-coloured paint; turn it upside-down and lie the removed lid flat. It’s best to do this outside, if possible. Leave to dry for 30 minutes, then turn over and do the inside and underside of the lid. Repeat if necessary.

    2. When the hamper is dry, cut a triangle template from cardboard packaging. Position the first triangle at the centre of the front panel, securing with a little masking tape on the back. Mask around the shape, with the edges of the tape butting up against the triangle’s – you are creating a stencilled area to apply paint. Repeat around the sides.

    3. Use a stippling motion to fill in the coloured paint between the masking tape. When the stencilling on the hamper is dry, take a small piece of sandpaper and lightly sand the all of the surfaces to create a subtle textured and aged effect.

    4. Measure the base rectangle and sides of the hamper. Draw these dimensions onto linen, then cut the ‘net’ out. Pin the sides together one at a time, and sew together with a sewing machine, remembering that the stitched edges will be unseen inside of the hamper and the seams will be on show.

    5. Turn the top frayed edges over or stitch with ribbon. Using a chunky darning needle, tie linen ribbon through the weave on the corners of the hamper, securing the lining in place and tie with a bow. Fix the lining in the centre of the back of the hamper with a split pin