DIY Chest of Drawers

Here are the instructions to make this striking painted piece with a retro 60’s vibe masterpiece for yourself:

  • DIY Chest of Drawers
You’ll need:
    • Small pine chest of drawers (Rast), Ikea
    • Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in black satin finish
    • Silk emulsion paint in white
    • Small roller
    • Frog tape
    • Craft knife
    • Metal rule
    • Pencil
    1. Unscrew the drawer handles and set aside. You can spray these to match and refit at the end.

    2. Paint the chest with two coats of the white silk emulsion. Use a small roller to get a smooth finish. Leave to dry. Decide on your design and carefully draw it onto the chest using a pencil and long straight edge.

    3. Mask off all the areas you want to leave white. Keep the drawers in at this stage. You will need to trim the tape with a craft knife to get your exact design. Cut through the tape between the drawers, then remove them and finish masking them up separately. Use newspaper to cover large areas.

    4. In a well ventilated space and following the manufacturer’s instructions, spray the design with the black satin aerosol paint. Leave to dry for fifteen minutes to half an hour and carefully remove the masking tape.