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Decorate A Knife Block

Most kitchens are home to a standard wooden knife block – they’re non-offensive to the eye, but also non-exciting. Why not transform your dowdy storage caddy by giving it a geometric makeover with a range of paints? Metallic copper touches tie in with current kitchen trends, and paired with cool blues and a flash of orange create a complementary and funky look. If geometric designs aren’t your thing, take inspiration from our make, and style to your own design with a dainty painted floral or simple stripe.

You'll Need:
    • Wooden knife block
    • Chalk paint
    • Acrylic paints
    • Furniture wax
    • Sandpaper
    1. Wash and dry the plain knife block thoroughly to remove any traces of grease. Rub down gently with sandpaper before applying a generous coat of coloured chalk paint, working in the direction of wood grain where possible. Leave to dry completely before lightly sanding down to remove any obvious drips or brush marks.

    2. Use a soft pencil to draw lines parallel to the base and the slanted side of the block. Sketch more parallel lines around 2.5cm apart before joining the intersections with diagonal lines to create a series of triangles. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this freehand use a ruler.

    3. Choose several coordinating colours of acrylic paint plus a one with a metallic finish. Use a fine point brush to fill in the triangles with colour, covering the pencil marks as you do so. Let each triangle dry before painting the ones next to it, this prevents the paints merging together. When the paint is completely dry use a soft eraser to remove any visible pencil marks.

    4. Take a soft cotton cloth and rub a little furniture wax onto the surface in the direction of the grain. Leave the wax to dry for 10 minutes before buffing off the excess with another clean cloth.