• Crochet coasters
    • 3-ply twine
    • Chunky twine
    • Raffia
    • Crochet hook
    1. Use either 3-ply twine or raffia and a 5mm crochet hook. Begin with a chain of six and join into a loop with a slip stitch. Keep your tension quite loose to enable easier hooking.

    2. Chain 2 and work 11 trebles into the ring and join. Continue to crochet around the ring in this way, working sets of trebles into the previous stitches to increase the diameter of the mat. Change colour on every row if desired.

    3. Once you reach a suitable size, fasten off. Press the reverse of the work with a steam iron so you can stretch and flatten the mat into a perfect circle.


    (Use chunky twine for the base and raffia to bind it with a darning needle)

    1. Take the chunky twine and tie a length of raffia tightly around one end. Curl the twine into a small spiral and bind from the edge to the centre using a darning needle to pass the raffia between the coils of twine.

    2. Continue twisting and binding between the edge and the previous coil. Add extra stitches as the mat increases in diameter to ensure it is tightly bound. Secure the ends on the back of the mat by passing it through previous stitches and begin a new length by threading it through other ones.

    3. Avoid knots in the work which will prevent the coaster from sitting flat. When the desired size is reached, simply cut the twine and bind the end tightly against the previous coil.