Create Mother’s Day Flowers

Nothing beats fresh flowers as a Mother’s Day gift, so why not get creative and put together your own arrangement with help from Dobbies? From a simple hand-tied bunch of flowers, to a beautiful table-top posy, there really is something for everyone. And you don’t need to spend much either – use value-for-money supermarket blooms, and bulk them out with ivy and other evergreens from the garden, for a cheerful display that’s sure to warm the heart. Get children involved too – this kind of project is the perfect way to fill an afternoon and little ones will love using flowers to be creative.

Want to see a video tutorial? Click here.

You'll Need
    • Oasis ring
    • Ivy, fern and rosemary from the garden
    • Roses and carnations
    • Garden twine
    • Card luggage label
    • Raffia
    • Secateurs
    • Scissors
Table-Top Posy
    • Soak the Oasis ring in water, allowing it to absorb the liquid over time – it’s usually best to let this happen overnight.

    • Add short pieces of fern, rosemary and ivy to the ring, working around the circle as you go – make sure they all face the same way.

    • Cut the flower stems so they’re around 10cm long and push them into the ring one at a time. Make sure they’re evenly spaced.

Hand-Tied Bunch
    • Gather the flowers and greenery in your hand one stem at a time. Make sure they’re evenly spread and look pleasing to the eye.

    • Tie your bunch together with garden twine. If the flower stems move when tying, just tweak them back into place.

    • Remove any stray leaves, and cut the stems so they’re all the same length. Using secateurs makes this easy.

    • Write a message on your luggage label and tie it to the bunch. Keep things neat by attaching it in the same place as the string.

    • Finish off the bunch with a raffia bow – this will also disguise the string. Stand the bunch in water until you’re ready to present it as a gift.