Create an amazing customised cabinet with TODO

The TODO multifunctional crafting machine will slip seamlessly into your creative life. Its variable roller height and removable base platform allows you to cut and emboss all your existing dies and templates regardless of their depth. The gorgeous selection of metal templates and the addition of a heated base plate means you can incorporate hot foil and letterpress elements into your work too, allowing you to make a set of bespoke luxury designs. Our designer Corinne Bradd has really used the machine to full effect here to produce that luxury look, and what’s more, she’s saved all those small scraps of patterned paper and wrap around wooden cotton reels to create a small, stylish display, perfect for brightening up a dull corner. (TODO machine, £299.99, TODO hot foil press, £19.99, available at

You'll need:
    • TODO machine and templates
    • Set of craft drawers
    • Coloured paper
    • PVA glue
Glam up a chest of drawers
    1. Choose a selection of decorative background letterpress plate and ink them up with different coloured pigment inks. Print the images out onto brightly coloured papers. Heat up the TODO and use the same templates to make hot foil designs on coloured paper using a selection of different coloured foils. Trim the resulting patterned papers neatly to remove excess borders.
    2. Take a small wooden chest of drawers and paint the tops and sides of the drawers with a coloured chalk paint. Paint the drawer surround as well and leave to dry.
    3. Begin to decoupage the wood starting with the individual drawer fronts. Paste PVA onto the wood and lay a panel of patterned paper on top. Smooth down with a piece of kitchen towel and trim the paper to the edges of the wood with a craft knife. Continue adding pieces of paper to build up a patchwork pattern.
    4. Cover the outside of the cabinet in the same way, mixing colours and patterns as much as possible. Leave the glued paper to dry completely before pasting a sealing coat of PVA over the top. Don’t worry if the paper seems to bubble, as the glue dries it will flatten down again.