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Craft a string chair seat

Go to any good boot sale you’ll come across umpteen unwanted dining chairs looking for a new loving home. More often than not these chairs are in need of a bit of attention, which fits us Homemakers down to a tee. This one here was quite battered with a sorry-looking seat that would probably cave in if you so much as brushed it with your derrière! So go on fellow do-upper-ers, whip out that old seat pad, grab some wax, some twine and get weaving.

You’ll need:
    • Twine, 3-ply, natural and coloured

    • Old cane seated chair

    • Wax or stain

    1. Remove all broken cane seating from the chair and ensure the holes are clean. Rub down the woodwork and stain, wax or paint the wood. Take three long lengths of coloured and natural twine. Bind the ends together with a piece of tape to form a makeshift ‘needle’ for stringing.

    2. Knot the other ends together and begin stringing the chair from side to side; up one hole, over the seat and down the corresponding opening, up the hole next to it and back over the seat. Carry on in this way, tying the twine to the adjacent loop on the underside of the chair when it becomes too short and starting with a new length. As you thread the twine through the holes, arrange the three colours to lay flat in the same order. Complete the horizontal stringing and tie off securely.

    3. Check the number of openings at the front and back of the seat are equal. Some chairs are wider at the front and you will need to thread back through the same holes if this is the case. This is best done at the centre of the chair. Begin stringing vertically from the centre and work out to one side and then the other. Weave the vertical threads through the horizontal lines, arranging the twine in colour order as before.