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Cover Cork Boards With Fabric

Use a set of fat quarters and a cheap pack of standard issue cork discs to create an attractive gift for the person who likes to display her reminders and little items of interest in style. This easy make takes minutes to whip up so you can create a whole collection of them in next to no time. These pinboards are super light too so they can be displayed on walls with a bit of tape or putty – making them a great way to quickly revamp a craft room or teenager’s den.

  • Cover Cork Boards With Fabric
You'll Need:
    • Fat quarter fabrics (one FQ makes two boards)
    • Cork circle placemats, 22cm
    • Glue gun
    1. Iron the fat quarter and place right side down on the work surface. Position two placemats on top of the fabric and draw around them adding around 2cm. Cut out the 26cm circles and make 1cm snips in from the edge every 2cm.

    2. With fabric right side down and placemats positioned on top. Apply a layer of hot glue on the cork and pull the fabric tightly over securing on to the glue.