Christmas dec makes

It seems we’re all looking for a sign these days as typography is enjoying a fresh wave of favour. Ensure the trend reaches your home this Christmas and make Sharon Bennett’s festive plaque, complete with two matching glasses bearing the same emblem. As always, her delicate hand-drawn designs are available online as downloads, so you can be sure your creations are just as impressive. Why not use the same motifs for decorative boxes or placemats? Or you could create a whole set of crockery with the festive design. The creative possibilities are endless with Sharon’s penmanship and the versatility of POSCA pens!

POSCA pens also allow you to achieve a professional finish; the ink has a rich density that gives the impression of paint, but with all the accuracy of a nib. The wide 8K pens used here, on the plaque in ivory, to sweep over the background and enriched it with colour, whereas the 3Ms are great for colouring in smaller areas, and the MRs offer pin-point precision. So just remember, whatever you have to say this season, let POSCA do the talking.

You’ll need
    • Wooden sign
    • Champagne flute/festive glasses
    • Snowflake wooden shapes
POSCA pens:
    • Ivory 8K, red 1MR, gold 1MR,
    • black 1MR, green 3M, grey 3M
    1. Before starting, clean the items you wish to decorate. Wipe with a damp cloth or with a dry towel if there is minimal dirt.

    2. Trace down the motifs in the desired position, taking care to draw the design away from the rim of the glasses. You can download the outlines on for ease, or if you’re feeling brave, freehand it!

    3. Apply the colours to the lettering, then decide where you would like the extra details, such as the snowflakes.

    4. Add gems or pearls to the centre of each snowflake to add a little festive sparkle. Items can be sealed or varnished, but the pens are permanent so finishes are not necessary.