Button letter artwork

The button jar: if you don’t own one, the odds are that you’ve lusted after one. The best are passed down from an auntie or your granny; somewhere they stashed the fasteners from long-gone garments and in the process built up lifelong collections of museum-like status. Or you might have spied the rows of button-filled jars that are arranged neatly on the shelves of a craft store and been unable to resist taking one (or ten) home to place on your own shelf. If your collection is threatening to take over your home, transform your treasured trinkets into a contemporary canvas to display your collection proudly in your home.

You’ll need
    • Buttons (in shades of one colour)
    • Printed fabric
    • Embroidery thread
    • Coloured pencil
    • Thick card
    1. Cut the card to the size of picture you want and stack up to make a panel at least 1cm thick. Place printed fabric over the sheet so it overlaps each edge by at least 3cm. Trim away the excess material and place pins in each corner.

    2. Remove the fabric and, using the pins as a guide, sketch or trace your chosen initial in the centre of the fabric; see our website for the ‘h’ template. Take three strands of embroidery thread and backstitch around the outline.

    3. Lay the fabric flat and lightly colour in the initial with a pencil. Begin stitching buttons to the inside of the letter using embroidery thread. Place large buttons first and fill in the gaps with smaller ones.

    4. When complete, lay the panel over the stack of card and hold in place with doublesided tape. Fold the edges over the stack, mitring the corners, and stick down with more tape before neatening the back of the canvas with a clean sheet of card.