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Button Lampshade

Learn how to reuse, recycle and revamp your old furnishings to create a stylish and unique home, without spending a fortune! Whether you’re on a tight budget, or simply want to give your existing home a new look, Thrifty Chic provides a treasure trove of ideas at your fingertips. The book includes eight beautiful projects, one of which is this upcycled lampshade which you can have a go at yourself!

This lampshade provides a novel way to use the contents of your buttonbox. You can use buttons in all colours of the rainbow, as shown here, coordinate them to match the room, or for a more elegant look, limit your selection to cream and white, perhaps interspersing them with mother-of-pearl buttons. Old lampshades can often be found in charity shops and thrift stores - all you need is one to complement the size of the lamp stand itself. If you wish, you can add a row of beads to the bottom of the frame, suspending them on short lengths of wire.

Thrifty Chic: Interior Style on a Shoestring by Liz Bauwens and Alexandra Campbell is published by CICO Books, £19.99. Photography by Simon Brown (c) CICO Books 2009

You will need:

    Old lampshade frame

    Sandpaper or wire wool (optional)

    Selection of buttons

    Reel of fine wire

    Scissors or wire cutters

    1 If re-using an old lampshade, begin by stripping off the old fabric. If necessary, rub down the metal frame with sandpaper or metal wool to remove any paint. Sort the buttons into piles according to their size. The smallest buttons are used at the top edge of the shade, and they gradually increase in size toward the base of the shade.

    2 Cut a long length of wire from the reel and wrap one end securely around the base of the frame.

    3 Thread one of the largest buttons onto the wire, pushing it down level with the bottom of the frame. Thread on more buttons, gradually decreasing in size until you have a threaded length of wire long enough to reach the top edge of the frame.

    4 At the top edge, wrap the wire securely around the frame several times, making sure that it is pulled taut. Starting at the top, thread another row of buttons, this time working from the smallest to the largest. Wrap the threaded wire around the base of the frame. Continue threading the wire until you have enough rows of buttons to complete the lampshade. Wrap the wire around the frame to secure, then cut off any excess.