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Build A Charming House-Shaped Shelf

We’re always looking for pretty storage solutions so imagine our delight when Homemaker regular Amanda Walker presented this adorable house-shaped display box to us. This whimsical little make is totally on-trend right now, super practical and would look great in any room, hung from a wall or adding a decorative touch to your surfaces. Amanda has painted her shelf a neutral cream and lined it with a sweet floral fabric to create a soft feminine style but you could use any combination of fabrics and colours to give it your own unique look.

  • Build A Charming House-Shaped Shelf
You'll Need:
    • 6mm MDF
    • Fabric
    • ‘Sawtooth’ hanging hook
    • Grab adhesive such as ‘No Nails’, Unibond
    • Electric jigsaw
    • Ruler, right angle and pencil
    • Glass paper, fine and coarse
    • Scissors
    • Spray adhesive, 3M
    • Eggshell paint
    • Paintbrush
    • Dust mask
    1. Using a pencil, ruler and right angle draw out all the following pieces needed for this project onto the surface of the MDF. Two rectangles measuring 19cm x 10cm (sides of the shelf). One measuring 23.8cm x 10cm (base of shelf). One rectangle measuring 17.8cm x 10cm (one side of the roof). One rectangle measuring 17.2cm x 10cm (other side of roof), five pieces in total.

    2. Cut out all the pieces using a jigsaw. Make sure the wood is clamped securely to prevent it from moving while it is being cut and that you are wearing a dust mask.

    3. Lay out the pieces into a house shape. The tip of the roof is a right angle and the slightly shorter piece is butted up against the longer. The base and the two sides are also butted together on the outside of the base piece. You will observe that where the top of the side pieces and the base of the two roof pieces, do not fit together; the top edge of the sides and the base edges of the roof will need to be angled to fit snugly.

    4. Place a piece of coarse glass paper on a flat surface; hold one of the pieces needing to be altered at a 45 degree angle and pull the piece backwards and forwards. Keep checking the edge as the wood is sanded away. Sand the angle of the corresponding piece, again checking until the two pieces are fitting together at the correct angle. Repeat the process on the remaining two pieces.

    5. Glue the pieces together flat: Apply the glue along the 6mm thick edges and join the corresponding pieces, making sure that the angles sit squarely and the roof sits on the base neatly. Leave to dry thoroughly.

    6. Make a back for the shelf. Position the house shape onto another piece of MDF and using a pencil draw around the edge. Cut out the shape using the jigsaw while wearing a dust mask. Use the grab adhesive to stick the back to the shelf and leave to dry.

    7. Use the fine glass paper to sand away any rough edges and then wipe away any dust. Paint the outside and edges of the shelf; this will need at least two coats to get a solid colour.

    8. When the paint is completely dry, line the inside with floral fabric. Cut out a piece of fabric to fit into the back of the shelf and then a long strip to fit around the interior sides of the shelf. Spray the back of the fabric with adhesive and stick the back piece in first and then the side strip starting at the tip of the roof. Spray the adhesive inside a large box set on its side to prevent the spray from drifting and also wear the dust mask to prevent you from breathing in the glue. Attach the sawtooth hanging hook to the back of the shelf near the tip of the roof.