• Bonus Project – Tin Mug Candles
You’ll need

    *3 x Enamel tin mugs – Go Out Doors

    *Rust-Oleum, American accents Craft & Hobby Enamel Spray, Blossom Pink, Buttercup and Tranquil Blue

    *Frog Tape – Painters making tape


    *Basic candle making kit


    *Metal or heat proof container that will fit into the pan


    1. Wash the mugs thoroughly with warm soapy water and leave to air dry. Using the masking tape, mask off the rim around the top of the mugs.

    2. In a well ventilated area, spray each of the outside surfaces of the mugs with the enamel paint using a different colour for each mug. To help, insert the card board tubes from kitchen towels into the mugs to hold whilst spraying. Hold the tube at arm’s length and spray approximately 30cms away from the mug. The colour is better built up in thin layers than spraying one thick layer. A second layer can be applied one hour later when dry.

    3. Leave the paint to dry onto the mugs over night and then the candle wax can be prepared. Fill the saucepan by a third with water and bring to the boil. Place the smaller container into the pan. Pour the wax pellets into the container to melt.

    4. Cut pieces of wick to the height of the tin mugs plus an extra 3cms. Drop the wicks into the melted wax, leave for a few seconds and then remove with the stirrer; the wax will set almost immediately. Pass the waxed wick through the hole in the metal collar and secure by squeezing the collar closed with a pair of pliers. Pass the top of the wick through the hole in the wooden wick holder, place the wick into the mug and centre it leaving the metal collar just off the base of the mug. Secure the top of the wick with a piece of Blu-tack and then remove the wick assemble from the mug.

    5. Pour the melted wax into the mug filling to 90% full and then drop in the wick assemble making sure it is centred. Now turn of the heat and leave the candle to set. As the candle dries the wax shrinks lightly and forms a dip around the wick. When the candle wax has dried, re-heat the remaining wax and pour into the top of the mug.

    6. When the wax is completely dry the wick cut be cut to approximately 1cm, leave the candle over night preferably before lighting for the first time. Follow the candle making instructions for more in depth instructions.