Bonus Project – Super Easy Fabric Basket

Storage is a sore point for crafters. However hard we try, our supplies splurge out into every area of the house, taking over full rooms in some cases. It’s like trying to hold back time or Jedward’s career, its progress is inevitable. Or is it? Perhaps with the aid of these sweet fabric baskets we can finally tackle the overspill once and for all. And, what’s more, you can adapt this free project to create larger or smaller versions – imagine, you could stitch up gigantic, cavernous baskets for your yarn stash… Bliss.

  • Bonus Project – Super Easy Fabric Basket
DIY Fabric Box
    • Patterned fabric
    • White waffle fabric
    • Sewing machine
    • Sewing thread
    • Set square
    1. Cut two rectangles measuring 33cm x 74cm, one in your patterned fabric and one in the waffle. Fold the printed fabric in half lengthways with the right sides facing, matching the two shorter ends of the rectangle together. Pin and then stitch together with a 1cm seam allowance.

    2. Repeat the process with the waffle rectangle, this time leaving a 6cm gap in the seam towards one end. Flatten the round that has been created with the seam in the centre and then stitch across the base edge of each piece.

    3. To make the gussets at the base of the box, insert pins along each of the side folds. Lay the piece on a surface with the pinned fold lines lying directly over each other, running vertically away from you. On the corner that is in contact with the table, position the base seam on top of the pinned line to form a triangle.

    4. Lay a set square from the point of the corner along the base seam and draw a line out, this should measure 9cm. Extend the line on the opposite side to the same measurement and then stitch across. Trim away the triangle leaving a 1.5cm seam allowance and repeat the process on the remaining corner and the corners of the waffle lining.

    5. Turn the waffle lining to the right side, tease out the corners and press. Place inside the un-turned fabric bag. Match the seams together, pin and then stitch around the top of the box. Turn the box to the right side through the gap left in the waffle lining, then close with a few hand slip-stitches. Push the waffle lining inside the outer piece and turn over a cuff at the top of the box to finish.