Bonus Project – Papercut Invite

Got a summer soirée on the cards? An annual family BBQ? Or perhaps a wedding? Carve your own pretty invites from coloured card using a craft knife and our design inspiration.

  • Bonus Project – Papercut Invite
Papercut Invite
    • Coloured card
    • Sharp craft knife
    • Masking tape
    • Metal ruler
    • Cutting board
    1. Cut the coloured card to a slightly larger size than the template. Download the template by clicking here, then place it on top of the card and secure using a piece of masking tape on each corner. To cut the design use sharp craft knife: drag the blade with a light pressure along the pink lines. Use your other hand to hold the paper secure, whilst of course keeping it out of the way of the blade!

    2. Start by cutting any of the smaller detail from the template: the inside of the bows and lanterns. These parts are the most fiddly, you will need to take your time to get it right. Always cut away from the shape you are cutting, this will allow you to get closer to the detail, and prevent mistakes, such as cutting too far into the shape.

    3. Next cut the bigger shapes. If you are right handed, it is best to start at the top left of the design and work down so you don’t disturb the design you have cut already with your cutting hand. Don’t be afraid to move the card around to cut different angles, and if you are worried about leaning on the cut design, place a piece of scrap paper under your cutting hand.

    4. Once all the detail has been cut, use a metal ruler to cut along the grey dotted line. Be careful where the border is thin as the card can move, so hold the ruler very firmly in place. Carefully remove the template and tidy up any uneven areas to finish.

    Tip: If you make a mistake repair on the reverse with masking tape or simply adapt the design. Maybe fewer bows won’t look too bad!