Bonus Project – Heart Chalkboard

Our second bonus project this issue is this pretty heart-shaped chalkboard, just the thing to keep you organised in style. It’s so simple to make, you’ll soon have to bolster your social schedule to fill them all!

  • Bonus Project – Heart Chalkboard
    • Pre-cut wooden blank
    • Chalkboard paint
    • Chalk
    • Garden twine

    Simply take a pre-cut wooden blank, Craft Shapes sell a fantastic variety of different shapes and sizes, and cover with a coating of Chalkboard paint. Rustoleum do a great range that can be applied to almost any material to give it a usable blackboard surface, and it comes in twelve fabulous shades. Allow to dry for three days to ensure that you get a perfect finish. Once dry, prepare the board for writing by covering the entire face with chalk and erasing. To hang, drill a small hole in the top of your shape and thread with a length of garden twine for a rustic, homely finish.

    If you’d rather a ready-made option, pick from one of these fun high-street designs: