Bonus Project – Decoupage Hearts

Corinne Bradd’s gorgeous decoupage hearts, perfect for stringing up around your home for an extra decorative touch during the festive season and throughout the year.

  • Bonus Project – Decoupage Hearts
You’ll Need
    • 3D pulpboard hearts
    • Glazed decopatch papers (in coordinating shades)
    • PVA based all-in-one glue
    • Glossy sealer
    1. Choose four-five patterned papers and tear 1.5cm wide strips from each. Tear each strip into small squares, making each one as regular as possible.

    2. Apply a little glue to the centre of a pulpboard heart and place one torn square diagonally in the middle.

    3. Paste over the top to smooth down and fix a second piece of paper next to it so it overlaps slightly and sits at the same angle.

    4. Continue working over the front of the heart in this way, leaving to dry for a few minutes before covering the other side.

    5. When you reach the edges of the shape you may need to tear some of the squares into smaller pieces to fill in the gaps withoun overlapping the patterns too much.

    6. Finish with a final glossy coat of sealer over the whole heart and hang up to dry. Tie several hearts onto ribbon to display. All products from