Bonus Project – Chalkboard Key Holder

This little beauty appeared as part of issue eight’s ‘Make Your Hallway a Destination’ feature, and it’s one of our favourite projects. It’s a pretty/practical fusion, keeping your keys safe and holding any important to-dos of the day, all the while giving your hallway some much needed eye candy. It’s so easy to create, too! Read on to see just how quickly you could whip it up…

  • Bonus Project – Chalkboard Key Holder
You’ll Need
    • Picture frame with flat, wooden backing board
    • Screw-in hooks
    • Rustoleum chalkboard paint
    • Rustoleum Artist’s touch paint
    • White acrylic paint
    • Fine paint brush
    1. Remove glass and backing board, then clean the frame and dry thoroughly. Place the frame inside an old cardboard box to protect your work area, and spray with your chosen colour of paint. Leave to dry.

    2. Place the backing board inside the box and spray with two or three coats of chalkboard paint, allowing it to dry between coats and sanding down if necessary. Place the backing board inside the frame and lightly mark around the inside with chalk.

    3. Remove and chalk on faint guide lines, then write your chosen message. When the paint is dry rub away the chalk. Replace the board inside the frame and secure. Use a bradawl or small drill bit to make guide holes on the lower edge of the frame, then screw in the hooks.

    Quick tip – two thin coats of paint are better than a thick one!