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Make Alpine Christmas Bonus Projects

If you spotted our gorgeous alpine stag motif plate in our Winter Wonderland, you’ve come to the right place to make your own. Follow these easy instructions and delight your guests with a matching set of woodland-themed tableware, perfect for a cosy and stylish Christmas.

For the stag plate, you'll need:
    • Plain white plates with low rims
    • Modpodge adhesive
    • Photocopied artwork
For the clay tags, you'll need:
    • Cookie cutters, find stockists at
    • FIMO air dry clay in white
    • Lace
    • Blue paint
    • Thin wire
Stag Plate
    • Roughly cut your artwork to fit the plate with a 3cm overlap all round. Dampen the back of the copy with a sponge. Brush a generous coat of adhesive over the surface and lay the damp copy centrally, checking the position before tamping down with the sponge, working from the centre out.

    • As you reach the edges of the plate the paper will begin to crease to accommodate the raised rim. Try to make the creases small and regular to keep the design as flat as possible. Once the paper is completely stuck down leave the plate to dry completely for a few hours.

    • Flip the plate over onto a cutting mat and use a sharp craft knife to trim the excess paper from the rim of the plate. Stick down any edges that are loose and coat the entire paper covering with adhesive, sponging it over the surface to prevent brush marks.

Clay Tags
    • Roll out the FIMO air dry clay then emboss with a strip of net curtain or lace. Use the festive cookie cutters to cut out Christmas shapes and make a hole at one end of each using a skewer or large needle.

    • Spray with a touch of blue paint for a little winter colour, and thread with thin wire ready to hang on the tree.