• Blue and white knitted tea cosy
You’ll need
    • 1 ball sirdar big softie in Fjord (yarn A) and 1 ball in Nubbly (yarn B)
    • 10mm needles.

    Row 1: P1, leave yarn A to the back of the work. [Using yarn B k2, leave yarn B to front. Pick up yarn A again p2, leave yarn A in back] x 14

    Row 2: Using yarn A k1 [pick up yarn B, p2, leave yarn B at back of work. Pick up yarn A, k2, leave at front of work] x 14

    Row 3-10: Repeat rows 1-2

    Row 11: Following colour pattern as set, p1 [k2,p2] x 6, yarn B k2, yarn A p2tog, [k2, p2] x 7 (56st)

    Row 12: Following colour pattern as set, k1 [p2, k2] x 6 p2 k1 turn work

    Row 13: Yarn A p1, leave to back, Yarn B k1 [following colour pattern as set, yarn A p2, yarn B k2] x 6 yarn A p2 R14, 15, 16: as 12, 13, 12. Then cut your two pieces of yarn ready to do the shorter side to match.

    Row 12a: Yarn A k1, yarn B p1 [yarn A k2, yarn B p2] x 6 k2

    Row 13a: Yarn A p1, [yarn B k2, yarn A p2] x 6 yarn A k2 yarn B p1

    Row 14a, 15a, 16a: as 12a, 13a, 12a

    Row 17: [Yarn A p2tog, leave yarn to back, yarn B k2tog, leave yarn to front] x 6 yarn A p2tog yarn B k1 [yarn A p2tog, leave yarn to back, yarn B k2tog, leave yarn to front] x 7 yarn A p1. (29st)

    Row 18: Yarn B only, [sl1, p2tog, psso] x 9 p2tog (10st)

    Row 19: [sl1 k2tog psso] x 3 k1 (4st)

    Row 20: purl all last stitches together and pull end through.

    Put your cosy over your pot to mark where the top of the handle is and sew down the side seam to this point. Sew in all your ends and sew a button onto the bottom corner – the knit is loose enough to pull over a button without needing a proper button hole! Make and sew on a pompom.