• Bind a book
You’ll need

    *4 white paper

    *A4 coloured card

    *Wallpaper samples

    *Strong sewing thread

    *Embroidery thread


    1. Make one section of pages by folding six sheets of white paper in half and inserting them one by one inside the other. Open it out and mark eight points down the centre fold at 2cm intervals, leaving 3cm on either side.

    2. Hold the papers in a ‘V’ shape and pierce the marks with a needle, passing through all sheets on the fold. Make a book jacket from sheets of card covered in wallpaper. Mark and pierce the jacket on the fold in the same way as the papers.

    3. Slip the papers inside the jacket. Take a double thickness of strong sewing thread, knot the end and, starting from the inside of the section, sew running stitch through the holes before sewing back in the opposite direction. Fasten the thread into the original knot and trim the ends.

    4. Make several sections in this way and stack together. Hold in place with a large bulldog clip, then bind the sections together using the stitching on each spine. Begin by weaving embroidery thread through the centre stitches.

    5. Add decoration and interest by over-sewing from stitch to stitch. Finally, knot and weave the thread back through your work before trimming.