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Bedside cabinet upcycle

We love going to charity shops and boot sales to source small pieces of furniture in need of a makeover. These unloved cast-offs are targets for a bit of TLC and, of course, perfect for trying new craft techniques. It’s a good idea, though, to check over your second-hand finds – you can’t replace a priceless Regency sideboard after a rub down with sandpaper, that’s for sure! But for most inexpensive items, a quick flick of a paintbrush and a coating of some gilding wax is ideal. Amanda Walker has done just the thing with this old bedside that cost a mere ?5, but now looks good enough for Antiques Roadshow!

You’ll need
    • Cabinet
    • Glasspaper, medium and coarse
    • Paint, B&Q Colours: Antique White; Crown Solo – Sage
    • Gold gilding wax, Amaco Rub ’n’ Buff
    • Wax or silicone furniture polish
    1. Sand the cabinet to remove the old polish and varnish using a medium grade of glasspaper. This sanding revealed a beautiful burr veneer on the top of the cabinet so it was decided not to use a paint effect on this but to simply polish it.

    2. Paint the whole of cabinet in the sage green colour and leave to dry. Paint over the sage green with the antique white but leave the interior green and let dry. Gently sand some of the edges, using the medium glasspaper, to reveal the underlying green paint or, rubbing slightly harder, reveal the wood. This gives an aged antique look but be careful not to overdo it!

    3. On the flat sides, rub quite hard with the coarse glasspaper in an up and down motion to reveal the green paint. This gives an old flaking paint effect. Apply the gold gilding wax to the carved areas of the top and legs. Use a finger tip or soft cloth, and buff to a lustre with a cloth. Apply a coat of furniture polish to the whole piece of furniture and polish with a soft cloth.