Add a flourish to your home with flower fairy lights

If you’ve flicked through a copy of our latest, you may have come across our gorgeous big fluffy light, made with tulle. It’s a showstopper for sure, but if you’re looking for something similar yet a bit more toned down, these mini net flower fairy lights are the project for you.

  • Add a flourish to your home with flower fairy lights
    • Battery operated white fairy lights
    • Coloured net

    Cut two pieces of coloured net 8cm by 25cm. Fold both in half lengthways and place on on top of the other. Fold the strips in half and half again, pin on the top folded edge and cut the bottom raw edge into petal shapes.

    Unfold the net except for the long edges. Offset the top layer slightly so the petals sit between those on the lower layers. Pin along the folded edge. Use a doubled length of thread to gather the two layers of net on the pinned edge with running stitch.

    Take the gathered net and wrap the edge twice around a knitting needle. Stitch the wraps together, secure and slip off the needle. Push the net flower over a bulb of the fairy lights and onto the plastic part. Secure with a few more stitches if necessary for a tight fit.