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Indulge in chocolate espresso whoopie pies

Added February 21
Indulge in chocolate espresso whoopie pies

While many of us are testing our willpower this month in an attempt to give up favourite sweet treats for Lent, the rest of us (including the Homemaker team!) have found resisting vices too much to bear, and have caved to the pressure of indulging in favourite goodies. Chocolate, being the main cause of such feelings of guilt and gluttony.

We’ve decided, and we think you should too, to turn the classic resolution on its head. Rather than giving up chocolate entirely, we’re going to give up buying treats in this form. Instead, if we get a craving, it’s into the kitchen we go to whip up something with out own fair hands. Beginning with these delectable chocolate espresso whoopie pies from our regular baking blogger, The Cake Hunter. The perfect contrast of sweet chocolate and bitter coffee, they’re just the thing to pep you up during a long day at work. Over to Sophie to tell you more…

“I love anything coffee flavoured and couldn’t resist adapting these from Claire Ptak’s recipe for mocha orange whoopies in [The Whoope Pie Book]( . I knew I definitely needed to up the coffee flavour for them to be just perfect. You can make these big like mine, or much smaller and bite size If you have some cocoa nibs to hand, they would be perfect sprinkled over the top. If you don’t like mascarpone, make a buttercream filling by beating 80g softened unsalted butter and 200g icing sugar with the coffee.”

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