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Gregory Patrick: How I Knitted My Way Out Of Homelessness

Added March 3
Gregory Patrick: How I Knitted My Way Out Of Homelessness

Find out how Gregory Patrick stitched his way out of homelessness

Gregory Patrick is the American author of Will Knit For Food, a memoir that recounts two periods in his life; as an employee of a successful cafe in Savannah, Georgia, then as a homeless man living twenty miles from civilisation.

We asked Gregory how knitting helped him get off the streets. “It provided me with two opportunities. The first was an immediate way to use my tools to knit teddy bears and sell them quickly to buy food. I was able to knit a toy within four hours. Once demand spread, I eventually saved enough money to rent a small room. On a deeper level, knitting allowed me to understand more about my life than I could ever have imagined. Crafting brought to my attention a connection to humanity. The creative community showed such impressive support and really spread the word. It taught me about a greater sense of kindness because most knitters give not only their makes, but their hearts too.”

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