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Decorate for a Party Authors: Getting The Party Started

Added March 9
Decorate for a Party Authors: Getting The Party Started

Have you ever had a party disaster?

H: I followed a Martha Stewart pancake recipe and she suggested keeping them in the oven on a low heat until your guests arrived. I placed them on a large baking tray but forgot to turn the broiler off. Out of 50 pancakes, all except 15 were as hard as rocks! Because it was a birthday brunch, we just ate lots of bacon and birthday cake and drank prosecco!

L: Half an hour before my guests arrived, the power went out. I had to light so many candles! It was actually a beautiful evening, with the howling wind and rain providing some ambient sounds.

What paper decs could we make this Christmas?

H: Try an easy table runner. Simply tape together your favourite craft store papers.

L: I love making little banners to brighten up our dining area and give it a festive touch. Just glue small rectangular pieces of paper in half over a long string or ribbon – easy!

What common mistakes do new bloggers make?

H: Trying to be like everyone else. It’s so important to go into blogging with an idea of the look you want to create. Work with a brand strategist, or take an e-course, like the one on my website

Will you be crafting for Christmas?

H: I craft for every occasion I host – it’s essential! This year I want to make cute pine trees from cardboard then use them to display all the Christmas cards that come in the mail.

L: I love wrapping gifts and try to do something different every year. I also love decorating my house with handmade elements. This year I’m going to try making clay ornaments.

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