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Carolina Guzman: Pass On The Gift Of Crochet

Added March 1
Carolina Guzman: Pass On The Gift Of Crochet

Colourful crochet

In a small, southern Spanish town, artist and author Carolina Guzman has built a bright and happy crochet world based on free-flowing creativity and colourful characters. “I caught the crochet bug at a young age from my mother and grandmother, but it was only when I became a mum myself that I realised how important the life lessons are to a child,” she says. “When I was a kid, I realised it was possible to create accessories for my dolls in the colours I wanted and the yarns I liked, and that fascination has followed me to my adult years. I can definitely relate the passion I have now back to those days.” Carolina’s love for crochet grew over the years, and the natural progression for her was to start writing patterns in her spare time. It’s wasn’t until Carolina had her daughter, Clara, that her crochet game took a big step up.

Mum the maker

Becoming a mother and remaining a keen crocheter was a juggling act for Carolina at first, until her ‘yarn epiphany’came. “After Clara was born, I had my ‘peace period’. I realised that if I was serious about turning my craft into a business, this was the time to do it.” The road proved to be long. First, she set up the website One and Two Company. Originally a blog, Carolina turned it into a platform for selling her creations. “I thought it would be fun to write patterns so that any crochet fan could create my designs for their children and grandchildren.” Being on the internet gave her worldwide reach, a far cry from her humble roots. The reaction she received was overwhelmingly positive, and with the support of her family, Carolina’s determination was kicked into overdrive. “I owe a lot to my daughter; it’s funny how someone so small can be the origin of so much inspiration.

My early designs were these fun characters that I knew she and other children her age would enjoy. It also gave her the opportunity to further develop her imagination, just as I had all those years ago.”

From blogs to books

While looking for her next project, the idea of publishing a book came to Carolina one warm Spanish afternoon. “I thought a book would be a great way to show my work to a new audience, and to those who don’t have access to the internet.

I have also found that many individuals prefer to have paper patterns over those on a screen,” Carolina says. The Happy Crochet Book continues the theme of brightly coloured, child friendly patterns that fans know and love from One and Two Company. “Producing the book felt so overwhelming, but I sought support from those around me and I’m over the moon with the finished article.” Carolina has come far from her starting point, but believes that she owes a lot to the increased demand for crochet patterns.

“The public is beginning to realise the value of handmade items. They are unique, customisable and made with love.” So, what does the future hold for this constant crocheter and her fans? “In 2017 I intend to experiment with new textures, yarns, design concepts and a series of other fun projects that I can’t reveal yet.” If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that Carolina doesn’t intend on slowing down on her pattern writing any time soon!

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