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Our favourite springtime celebration is only round the corner, and if you’re looking for an Easter craft project to keep you busy over the week, look no further! From baking & cardmaking to crochet & sewing, there’s something here for every type of crafter this season.

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The festive period is an especially creative time of year, and allows you to explore your crafting prowess. So why not stretch your imagination and try one (or all!) of these stress-free gift wrapping hacks. These are perfect for using the dribs and drabs of your stash, or even overcoming the panic when it comes to wrapping those oddly-shaped and tricky gifts. Try something a bit different and give it a go - the presentation of the gift will be just as snazzy as the gift itself!

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Did you delight in our alternative Christmas plant feature in issue 38? We’ve invited back Lis from Suttons Seeds who tells us how we can perfect our poinsettias and care for other mid-winter blooms in the colder months. Plus, don’t miss their exclusive Homemaker discount code below!

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