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We’ve lost count of how many times we go to start a crafty endeavour and two stitches in realise we’re missing a vital component to our project. It’s at moments like this that we often think to ourselves, how much easier would life be if there was a simple, one-stop place to buy our essentials from a wide range and at affordable prices.

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If you’re in a tizz to whip up something special for your someone special, try one of these simple projects. We’ve rounded up our favourite quick and easy makes from online, which you’ll be able to whip up in no time at all. A handmade gift always means more than something bought from the shops, so take a peek and see if there’s anything you love…

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If you’re a parent, you’ll know how often kids will change their minds about what they like and dislike. Food, clothes, television programmes, and even friends, can be in one day and out the next depending on their mood, and when it comes to their bedrooms, it’s no different. But decorating a bedroom can open up a whole new world of exciting design possibilities. It’s the perfect excuse to be bold, imaginative and creative in order to create a magical space for your little one.

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