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Turn heads with Christine Leech’s windmill cushion project! A nice change from sewn-on flowers, the windmills have a simple geometric feel to them and are great for beginner stitchers to try. You can find even more lovely projects in Christine’s book Felt Sew Good (£12, Quadrille) – it’s a beauty, trust us.

Bonus Project – Felt Windmill Cushion

You’ll need

Cushion pad, 30cm x 30cm Piece of felt, 1m x 50cm Matching sewing thread Contrasting thread Fabric scissors

Making the cushion cover

  • With your felt, measure and cut one 31cm square for the front panel and a 31cm x 24cm rectangle and 31cm x 14cm rectangle for the back panel.

  • Place the front panel flat on your work surface. Lay the larger rectangle in line with one side of the square and the smaller rectangle in line with the opposite edge, so that all outside edges are aligned. The two back panels should overlap in the centre to make a square the same size as the front.

  • From here, pin together the layers of felt and using matching thread, stitch around all four sides about 5mm in from each edge.

  • Diagonally trim each corner within 3mm of the stitch line so that when the cushion is turned the right side out, you’ll have sharp corners. To finish, turn it right side out and gently push the corners with the end of a pencil until it’s neat – then press it all.

Making the windmills

  • Cut nine 8cm-diameter circles and four 6cm-diameter circles from the felt.

  • Make four equally spaced 3cm-deep cuts into larger circles and 2cm cuts in the smaller ones. Taking one circle at a time, fold the edges of each quarter clockwise into the centre so they overlap in the middle.

  • Once all four corners are folded over, secure with cross-stitches in a contrasting thread.

  • Think where to position the windmills. Generally, stitching a large one in each corner, between each corner, and one in the middle with the small windmills scattered in-between, works well.

  • Hand stitch the windmills to the front of the cushion cover using small straight stitches, and trying not to sew through the windmills sails. To finish, insert your cushion pad and stand back to admire.


If your felt is a nylon and wool blend, be careful not to stretch it. If you’ve got some spare, cut the windmills in a different coloured felt.

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Donna Smith Designs:

Be Good, Darcey: www.notonthehighstreet/begooddarcey


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