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We’ve pored over the gorgeous projects in Sarah Moore’s debut book, Homemade Gifts Vintage Style, and we were thrilled when she launched her online shop, which is chock-full of her unique handmade gifts and homewares ready for the sewphobics among us to buy ready-made.

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Here at Homemaker, we have an undeniable love for all things retro. Many an hour has been spent poring over interiors and fashions of the past, and whole Sundays have slipped away trying to master the perfect fifties pin-up look for ourselves.

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Summer may have only just come to an end, but now is the perfect time to start the preparations for the epitome of Christmas treats – a rich, boozy fruit cake. Whatever your preference, be it a heavenly mix of dark, heady spices or a zingy, citrus tang, one crucial element remains the same. However you choose to embrace the ‘spirit’ of Christmas, whether you prefer a sweet rum or a strong whiskey, that satisfying little kick is the perfect antidote to a hectic festive season.

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