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As we wave goodbye to the sun and beckon in Autumn, it’s time to indulge in some sweet treats that showcase the fabulous offerings of this magical season.

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Shake off your morning bear head with a caffeine boost in one of these fabulous espresso cups. Everyone’s favourite woodland creatures have adapted to an urban lifestyle, and have developed a penchant for cakes and biscuits in the process.

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Dotting photographs of good times and loved ones around a room instantly turns a house into a home. These days though, you don’t have to be restricted to a simple frame to showcase your memories. There are many simple ways to transform a plain wall or an empty mantle into a work of art using a collection of happy snaps. Dig them out of the shoe-box, string up a length of wire, and use miniature pegs or bulldog clips to hang them around the walls. Display bunting in a frame for an extra chic and modern touch, or fill a vintage bottle with old shots for a whimsical feel.

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